Robert C. Strayhan

I cannot say enough about the quality of instruction being offered at the Polaris Insight Center. I have been in the psychiatric practice of medicine for 34 years and I can truly say the didactic course of studies being offered are on par with, and often surpasses that being offered anywhere else. They provide in-depth yet very practical training. This is a course for all practitioners who are interested in not only ketamine assisted psychotherapy, but their teachings can be applied to the broader field of substance assisted psychotherapy. This broader field would encompass the burgeoning field of therapy that is occurring within the context of the psychedelic renaissance. Of note is that they have a very obvious ease with treating members of under-represented/minority populations. This level of expertise could not have been gained solely through the reading of articles and books. I found the faculty at the Polaris Insight Center to be flexible enough to meet patients at the level of “where they are” in a culturally sensitive manner. Having offered this testimonial, I would recommend their training course without any reservations whatsoever to any practitioner seeking to practice in an informed and ethical manner when providing ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

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