We collect poems inspired by reflections on ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) experiences.

The Poetry Project: Volume I

Many members of our community – practitioners and clients alike – have found that writing poetry and prose after (within hours to days following) a KAP session can inspire a deeper synthesizing of their KAP experiences and further their path toward healing. More than a few members have reported that reading others’ post-KAP writings  has provided a valuable component for their own healing process and integration practices.

The first volume of this KAP integration poetry will be made available in a digital format on our website, and we hope to create a bound-paper book that can be ordered online.

Any of the proceeds from THE POLARIS POETRY PROJECT will support The Polaris Training Scholarship fund. This fund provides financial assistance to help therapists and other providers who need additional support to attend Polaris training and/or Polaris/Rainfall training retreats.

We welcome submissions from practitioners, trainees, consultees and KAP clients.

*Note, you will be able to share these anonymously or with limited identifying info. Please see the bottom of the submission form for more information.

An unfolding begins

At its own pace

Occasionally, in a flash

More often, a marathon


Journeying within

Destination unknown

A map, still being written


The arrival is marked

With an unquestionable certainty

The return to a Divine Essence

An abiding friend, faithful, ever present

With assurances we never walk alone


– Cara McCormack, MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker

Lambton Counselling Services

Banff Alberta Canada

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