Welcome to Polaris Insight Center San Francisco.

We are providing ON-LINE sessions during COVID-19.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

During this unprecedented time of pandemic crisis, we hope that you are taking care of yourself, practicing patience and good hygiene, along with physical distancing and regularly reaching out to friends and family to give and receive support.  

To collaboratively gather “at a safe distance” Polaris Insight Center is now offering online Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and Integration services (listed below).  Regular in-person services are available by limited amount of clinicians with special precautions.  

These interim adapted Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) services can provide practical support and continuity-of-care for existing patients, as well as give access to treatment to new patients.

Beyond KAP’s demonstrated efficacy in treating depression, anxiety and PTSD, it may also be uniquely well-suited for our current circumstances: KAP has the rare potential to expand an individual’s perspective on difficult emotions and situations.

Because Polaris understands many people have been impacted financially by this crisis, we are offering a limited number of sliding-scale fees. For those in serious financial need, please ask your therapist or our intake coordinator.

Please reach out to us by email at info@polarisinsight.com. We will respond as quickly as we are able. 

Our road forward to a healthier global community will depend in large measure on how we care for others and how we care for ourselves.


Sylver, Harvey, Veronika, Greg, Eric and the Staff at Polaris Insight Center

We offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals seeking healthier and more satisfying lives.  Ketamine assisted therapy, a cutting-edge treatment, has been shown to be an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, trauma/PTSD, addictions, chronic pain syndromes, and other psychological difficulties.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can also be an effective process for enhancing depth psychotherapy, working with challenging life transitions, psycho-spiritual difficulties, as well as facilitating psychedelic integration.

KAP supports individuals seeking greater insights into themselves, into their interpersonal relationships and conflicts, and supports clients in furthering their personal and professional development and enhancing their overall sense of wellbeing. 

At Polaris, we provide a uniquely curated therapeutic experience for patients, including preparation and integration services, a comfortable therapy office setting, and specially selected ambient playlists to support the healing process. Our licensed psychologists and psychotherapists work in partnership with physicians who provide medical monitoring and supervision.

Working with low-to-moderate dose ketamine lozenges, and various moderate to higher dose levels with ketamine intramuscular injections (currently no IM treatment available), we emphasize matching the specific needs of each individual to the right interventions and doses. We consult regularly with our clients’ other medical and mental health care providers, and when appropriate we can provide referrals to other treatment options.