We are dedicated to the practice of compassionate and ethical Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Integration Therapy

Support for people looking for integration support after experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness.

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We are dedicated to providing integration services that support clients’ experiences with psychedelics and enhance their overall well-being.

Our KAP therapists offer Integration Therapy for clients that have had an experience with Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC).

Experiences with NOSC are powerful and transformative processes. They are not meant to be a stand-alone healing intervention. Rather they are a valuable, innovative, adjunct treatment for depression and other psychological difficulties. They can serve as a unique vehicle for healing and personal growth. Specific practices during and after the medicine experiences – as well as after the series of sessions has ended – will allow individuals to maximize and extend the benefit of psychedelic journeys. In this way, the entire experience can be seen as a valuable tool for reconsidering “who you are” in an ongoing way, and not just a treatment that one has undergone.

Sometimes, it is only through later self-reflection, spontaneously-emerging insight and/or meaningful dreams that important perspectives resulting from this work may emerge and can be integrated.

In general, the term integration refers to the weaving together of fleeting insights, images, thoughts or feelings received within one’s altered state experiences. Here these fragments can be consciously digested and evaluated for the benefit of one’s sense of self, identity, and destiny. Then these new insights can be reconsidered in the context of one’s practical everyday life. Most often, integration refers to the processing of material in the immediate aftermath of a journey. However, integration also refers to a more long-term and ongoing process. All the information contained and experienced in NOSC sessions requires time for contemplation and metabolization.

You will meet with a therapist for a 50-minute session as you recall, digest, and process the insights that emerged during your journey.

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