We are interested in supporting you on the journey of inner discovery.


Our fees are discussed during the intake session and the treatment plan is customized to each client’s needs.

Treatment plans are individualized and discussed throughout the process.  Typical treatment starts with a medical and a psychological intake, a preparation session, and a series of KAP sessions. Depending on each client’s needs, the protocol can be 3 – 10 or more KAP sessions. Integration sessions are scheduled periodically as needed. 

Medical and Psychological Intake 120 min $500 $500
Psychiatric Services Intake 90 min $500 $425
Preparation Session 50 min $250 $250
Individual Psychotherapy Session 50 min $250 $250
Lozenge KAP Session 180 min $950 $900
Intramuscular KAP Session 180 min $1250 N/A
Integration Therapy Session 50 min $250 $250
Psychiatric Follow-Up 30-45 min $325 $275
Booster Group Lozenge Session 180 min $650+ $350+
Treatment Planning 30 min + $125+ $125+

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