Polaris and Rainfall Certificate of Training in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Polaris Insight Center and Rainfall Medicine are now offering a pathway for practitioners to earn a certificate in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Pathway to Certificate

The Polaris/Rainfall Certificate of Training in KAP is expected to be a 1-to-2-year process for most individuals. Licensed clinicians* can apply for the Polaris/Rainfall KAP Practitioner Training Certificate after completing the following components of the training:

  1. Foundational KAP Training: Modules 1 – 5 and the Practice Module (Module 1 is recommended for all trainees, but can be waived for graduates of other introductory programs in KAP)
  2. Any 2 of the additional modules (Advanced Module 6, Advanced Module 7, Advanced Module 8, Healing the Healer, Music Module, Rainfall Medical Module, Integration Module, Ethics Module, and ACT Module)
  3. 12 Polaris group consultations (24-consultation hours)
  4. 12 individual consultation sessions (with Polaris/Rainfall-approved consultants, see below)
  5. Polaris/Rainfall Experiential Retreat or experiential alternative**
  6. Experience as a therapist – minimum of 18 KAP sessions with at least 3 different clients
  7. Three to five page Reflection of Personal Process and Development as a ketamine-assisted psychotherapist, Consultant Letter of Recommendation, and Administrative Processing Fee

When the Polaris/Rainfall KAP Practitioner Training Certificate has been successfully completed, clinicians will be eligible to be listed in the Polaris/Rainfall KAP Practitioner Directory. Following the completion of this Certificate Training, clinicians may pursue paths towards becoming a consultant and trainer in KAP.

* Clinicians such as LMFT, LCSW, PsyD, PhD, RN, NP, MD, ND, DO, PCC, chaplains, etc., and occasionally others are welcome to join the program. Pre-licensed clinicians can participate in the certification program, but will need to be licensed prior to receiving the Polaris/Rainfall KAP Practitioner Training Certificate
**Examples of experiential alternative: 1 individual Holotropic breathwork sessions and 2 group Holotropic breathwork sessions; 5-day Grof Transpersonal Training retreat; 4-day shamanic healing training intensive.

Polaris/Rainfall-approved consultants: Veronika Gold, LMFT; Harvey Schwartz, PhD; Eric Sienknecht, PsyD; Steve Rosonke, MD; Evan Sola, PsyD; Robert Voloshin, DO; Ryan Hoffman, LMFT

This is a self-paced program. Practitioners can complete modules, retreats, and consultation in their own timing. At the end of the program, they will be asked to submit an application with proof of completion of each required item.

When certificate is received, clinicians will be listed in the Polaris/Rainfall KAP Practitioner Directory.

For questions about joining the Certificate Program, please reach out to training@polarisinsight.com.

Program Overview

Polaris Insight Center and Rainfall Medicine are excited to announce their new Polaris/Rainfall KAP Practitioner Certificate of Training Program, based on an intensive depth-therapy model, for practitioners training to provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP).

As the ketamine-assisted psychotherapy field has continued to evolve over time, there is a growing need for in-depth online training leading to a synthesis of in-person and online training involving didactic teaching, practice/role-playing, clinical experience, and consultation to establish professional competency. We are committed to supporting clinicians in developing clinical skills and providing treatment in an ethical and compassionate manner.

Our program emphasizes the development of professional, community, and peer support as an essential element in cultivating clinical competency, ethics and the spirit of collaboration.

We believe that the journey of becoming an effective KAP therapist takes both the creation of this network and a breadth of experience over time. We are introducing a pathway that will reflect the commitment of time, energy, and practice to cultivate confidence and demonstrate competence in providing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.


Starting in 2019, Polaris’ in-depth trainings have focused on providing comprehensive, inclusive, and affordable professional education and development. The partnership with Rainfall developed into the creation of the Medical Module, and since 2021 Polaris and Rainfall started to offer experiential retreats. These immersive training retreats support experiential learning of depth therapy principles and practices as well as community building.

Polaris Insight Center is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor Continuing Education. The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts CE credits for LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFT license renewal programs. Spiritual Competency Academy, a co-sponsor or the Polaris training modules is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for licensed nurses in California.

For questions or more information, contact training@polarisinsight.com

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