The staff at Polaris Insight Center are dedicated to the ethical and compassionate clinical use of ketamine-assisted, and psychedelic-assisted, psychotherapy.  We share a deep interest in, and a broad range of experience working with, the psychotherapeutic potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness and are committed to the integration of alternative and traditional methods psychotherapy.

Our founding members are all MAPS (Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) trained clinicians who have participated in both Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. Polaris members as well training with Ketamine Training Center and KRIYA Institute.

We currently offer individual ketamine assisted therapy and we plan to offer couple and group therapy in the near future.

Polaris will soon provide training programs and consultation for psychotherapists looking to expand their clinical skills to encompass these innovative tools and protocols.

Sylver Quevedo, MD, Co-Founder and Medical Director

Sylver has been in continuous practice of medicine for 40 years and practices nephrology, family, internal, and integrative medicine. He serves as Assistant Professor  at Stanford and UCSF.  He has played pivotal roles in several global health projects, including planning and development of medical and nursing school in Africa.

Gregory Wells, PhD, Co-Founder and Psychedelic Therapist

Gregory has worked with clients with a range of concerns, including mood disorders, psycho-spiritual growth issues, and integration of psychedelic experiences. He specializes in providing ketamine assisted psychotherapy to treat depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. His approach is guided by Buddhist and Contemplative Psychology and employs a range mindfulness practices.

Veronika Gold, LMFT, Co-Founder  and Psychedelic Therapist

Veronika has expertise in the treatment of trauma.  Her approach is integrative and informed by Somatic Therapies, contemplative practices, and mindfulness.  She also has an interest in educating others about the healing and transformational potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Eric Sienknecht, PsyD,  Co-Founder  and Psychedelic Therapist

Eric specializes in the treatment of trauma, mood disorders, chronic pain, and working with grief and loss.  He is interested in states of consciousness research and the healing potential of psychedelic medicines.  He is passionate about music and its role in psychedelic assisted therapy.

Harvey Schwartz, PhD, Co-Founder and Psychedelic Therapist

Harvey has 35 years of experience in the relationally-oriented treatment of complex PTSD, dissociative disorders, and various psychological challenges. He synthesizes relational, psychodynamic, archetypal, and mindfulness perspectives, as well as the use of NOS and metaphysical experiences.

Psychedelic Therapists and Polaris Psychiatrists

Chris Stauffer, MD

Chris is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician and uses a holistic and collaborative approach informed by attachment theory. Chris has served as a therapist for clinical trials using oxytocin, MDMA, and psilocybin in combination with individual and group psychotherapy.

Robert Voloshin, DO

Robert is a board certified psychiatrist who has research experience with Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder. He has extensive training in Integrative Psychiatry as well as Somatic and Relational approaches to therapy such as Somatic Experiencing and Hakomi.

Wendy Heffner, LMFT
Wendy’s practice has been committed to clients as they work with relational concerns, life transitions,  past trauma, anxiety and creating more meaningful engagements with their lives.She integrates a contemporary relational psychodynamic perspective with somatic and movement oriented approaches.

Frank Ehrenfried, AMFT

Frank`s work focuses on combining neuroscience-informed trauma modalities with psychedelics. The intention with this cross over is to help amplify and ground the powerful healing capabilities of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Integrating mindfulness, the body and depth psychology, he weaves together a creative and practical roadmap towards healing. Frank is an Associate MFT #110029.

Marina Bystricky, PsyD

.Marina specializes in the treatment of anxiety, OCD and depression. She also enjoys working with clients grappling with existential issues such as meaning and purpose of life. She works from the framework of mindfulness based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindful Self-Compassion.

Ryan Hoffman, LMFT

Ryan has dedicated his therapeutic practice to working with anxiety, depression and relationships challenges. He has developed a passion for working with the expanded states of consciousness that arise through psychedelics. Ryan’s approach to therapy is inspired by a number of modalities including transpersonal, existential, humanistic, somatic and EMDR. Ryan in LMFT #1123