Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)


Polaris Insight Center provides an individually  curated therapeutic experience, including customized preparation and integration phases, at our comfortable offices.

Our licensed psychologists and psychotherapists work in partnership with physicians, who provide medical monitoring and supervision. We consult regularly with our clients’ primary medical and mental health care-providers, and, when appropriate, we provide referrals for other treatment options.

Working with either low-to-moderate dose ketamine lozenges, or low to higher dose intramuscular injections (in-office only), we emphasize matching the specific needs of each individual to the most effective interventions and dosages. 

Ketamine provides a range of experiences, and benefits, based on varying dosage levels.  The span of expected effects from low to higher dosages:

  • A mild anesthetic effects and a dissociative (dreamlike) state
  • Anti-depressant and anti-suicidal ideation effects 
  • Anxiolytic  effects 
  • Psychedelic effects 

The lower dosages induce a psycholytic trace state that is useful for lowering psychological defenses. This supports and facilitates deeper psychotherapeutic investigations.

The higher dosages induce the psychedelic experience that can be therapeutic and transformative in combination with psychotherapeutic support.

The psycholytic and psychedelic aspects of psychotherapy can provide:

  • A beneficial “time out” from ordinary mind and reality (and habitual patterns of thinking and perceptions)
  • Profound shifts to more positive perspectives on the self, relationships, and one’s place in the larger world
  • More positive outlooks on challenging life situations and relationships 
  • A decrease in negative or obsessive thoughts and negative self-talk
  • Increase in self-esteem and self-compassion 
  • An enhancement of creative problem-solving abilities
  • Greater motivation for lifestyle or behavior changes 
  • Relief of existential anxieties and a potential for greater spiritual curiosity

KAP online session

Higher-dose KAP session is 2 hours in duration.

Solo Session with Integration

Patients take the lozenge(s) on their own and then, in the latter part of the session, they connect with their provider, either through zoom or phone or FaceTime, for processing and integration work.

Low-dose Interpersonal Session

Patients take a smaller dose (half a lozenge or one full lozenge) and stay in an interactive process with the therapist the entire time over Zoom/Facetime/Phone, this session is 75 minutes in duration.