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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) 

Article published on Science on November 26th, 2019, entitled “Ketamine disrupts memories to help heavy drinkers cut back“.

Article published on Medium featuring Veronika Gold, entitled “How Psychiatrists Are Preparing to Prescribe MDMA“.

Video interview with Veronika Gold about Psychedelic Psychotherapy published on Simulation Channel.

Interview with Veronika Gold on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy on Psychedelics Today Podcast

Article by Dr. Raquel Bennett on the different Paradigms of Ketamine Treatment and how it is being used in clinical practice.

Published study on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP): Patient Demographics, Clinical Data and Outcomes in Three Large Practices Administering Ketamine with Psychotherapy

Veronika Gold,  Gregory Wells, Tobias Marton, Paul Abramson and  Jordie Martin on Clinical Uses of Ketamine Panel at USCF as a part of PEAC speaker series on current research and clinical use of psychedelics.

Gregory Wells’ and Veronika Gold’s  live stream talk  on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and treatment at Polaris Insight Center.

Video of Gregory Wells and Veronika Gold on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and treatment at Polaris Insight Center.

Veronika Gold in a conversation with Stuart Preston on The Consciousness Podcast in episode from Arizona Psychedelics Conference 2019 on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. (slides available here)

Veronika Gold’s and Gregory Wells’ talk on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy on  Entheogenic Evolution Podcast from Exploring Psychedelics 2018 conference. (slides available here)

Psychedelics, Ketamine and Other Articles/Videos

Plant Medicine Podcast: MDMA Practitioner Methods with Shannon Carlin, published on January 15th, 2020.

Article entitled “Prescription Psychedelics are Almost Here—But Western Medicine Isn’t Ready” published on December 9th 2019.

The Art and Science of Psychedelic Therapy and Healing : Podcast with Marcela Ot’alora.

60 Minutes CBS News: Psilocybin Sessions: Psychedelics could help people with addiction and anxiety

John Hopkins University School of Medicine published an article on July 31st 2019 entitled “Ketamine isn’t an opioid and treats depression in a unique way“.

MAPS is the Sponsor for Clinical Trials using MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for treatment of PTSD. Those who are interested in participating in this clinical trial can apply through this website.

In the most recent MAPS Bulletin, Polaris Co-Founder Veronika Gold reflects on her path in becoming a psychedelic therapist in training and research.

MAPS – MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy Code of Ethics – Fully endorsed by Polaris Insight Center for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Veronika Gold, MFT appears in Herb magazine as an expert in an article on Ketamine Therapy: “Turns out Ketamine could be the fastest treatment available for depression” January 2018.

In her article, therapist Francoise Bourzat speaks to the importance of integrating psychedelic experiences into your everyday life.

Article on Yale Psychiatrists, pioneers of ketamine research and the recent FDA approval.

Veronika Gold’s and Eric Sienknecht’s article on Set and Setting in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy. (slides available here)

Eric Sienknecht’s and Veronika Gold’s talk on Set and Setting in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy from Beyond Psychedelics 2018 conference in Prague.

Gregory Wells’ article on the influence of Queer communities in Psychedelic Movement:Queers, Faeries, & Revolutionaries in Psychedelic Movement.

How ketamine can be helpful in treatment of depression and prevent suicide. 

Article by Yale scientists that explains how ketamine vanquishes depression within hours.

Article by Psychiatry Advisor on ketamine as a promising new therapy for anxiety and PTSD.

Article on How Ketamine’s Neurological Functions Make It a Promising Psychedelic for Psychotherapy.

Bloomberg Businessweek article on the potential of ketamine to decrease suicide

Lots of people are asking us about finding a psychedelic guide to work with substances other than Ketamine. Currently there are several clinical trials, please see research section for more information.

Cell Reports article on Psychedelics promoting structural and functional neural plasticity

Dr. Richard Jackson talks about Ketamine treatment for depression on 11 Channel News.

Med shadow article discussing aspects of Ketamine Treatment.

Vice article about the new Ketamine-based antidepressant patented by Johnson&Johnson.

Article published by Cambridge University entitled “Toward specific ways to combine ketamine and psychotherapy in treating depression“.