Ketamine, Psychedelics and Other News

Eric Sienknecht’s and Veronika Gold’s talk on Set and Setting in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy from Beyond Psychedelics 2018 conference in Prague.

Article on Yale Psychiatrists, pioneers of ketamine research and the recent FDA approval.

How ketamine can be helpful in treatment of depression and prevent suicide. 

Article on how Ketamine’s Neurological Functions Make It a Promising Psychedelic for Psychotherapy.

Gregory Wells’ article on the influence of Queer communities in Psychedelic Movement: Queers, Faeries, & Revolutionaries in Psychedelic Movement.

Bloomberg Businessweek article on the potential of ketamine to decrease suicide

Lots of people are asking us about finding a psychedelic guide to work with substances other than Ketamine. Currently there are several clinical trials, please see research section for more information.

Article by Yale scientists that explains how ketamine vanquishes depression within hours.

Cell Reports article on Psychedelics promoting structural and functional neural plasticity

Dr. Richard Jackson talks about Ketamine treatment for depression on 11 Channel News.

Med shadow article discussing aspects of Ketamine Treatment.