Our fees are discussed during the intake session and are customized to each client’s needs.  Sliding scale sessions are available during COVID-19 and the fee will be assessed on individual basis. 

Services during COVID-19 (please note that some of the services are available only to established clients):

Medical and Psychological Intake 90 minutes $350
Preparation Session 50 minutes $200
Integration Therapy Session 50 minutes $250
Relational low-dose Session 75 minutes $360
Lozenge KAP Session 120 minutes $600
Intra-muscular KAP Session 180 minutes Currently N/A
Psychiatric Services Intake 90 minutes $425
Psychiatric Follow-Up 30-45 minutes $250
Virtual Booster Group Lozenge Session 180 minutes $350
Treatment Planning 30 minutes + $125+

The exact fee for service will be discussed based on an individual treatment plan with each patient. Medical and Psychological Intake and Treatment Planning are mandatory for all new patients. We as well ask all patients to have a minimum of 2 supervised ketamine sessions to gradually increase ketamine dosage to optimize the experience. Many of our patients start with 6 sessions in 2-3 week period and then continue treatment with additional sessions over weeks to months.  We also require that all patients have a primary outside therapist they are working with on a regular basis and who is willing to collaborate with our clinicians.

See GROUPS for fees for KAP and booster group sessions.