Exact fee for treatment with us is determined based on the treatment plan that is discussed and agreed on after initial intake session.

Medical and Clinical Intake and treatment planning $450 – mandatory for all new Polaris Insight Center Clients

Package A:  2  in-office and 4-at home lozenge sessions $2000

Package B: 4 in -office  and 2-at home lozenge sessions $3150

Package C:  6  in-office lozenge sessions $4300

Package D:  1 in-office lozenge session, 1 in-office IM session, and 4 at-home lozenge sessions $2300

Package E: 1 in-office lozenge and 5 in-office IM sessions $5800

Package F:  4 in-office IM sessions and 2 at-home lozenge sessions $4350

Single Booster Lozenge Session – $700

Single Booster IM Session – $1000

Preparation/Therapy/Integration session as needed – $250

Prescription refill and at-home monitoring – $150/4 sessions

We require all patients to have a minimum of 2 in-office ketamine sessions at our San Francisco office. These two visits need to be in the same week; ideally about two days apart. We then determine whether or not a patient is a good candidate to continue treatment at home with ongoing supervision. We also require that all patients have a primary therapist they are working with on a regular basis who is willing to collaborate in the ketamine assisted psychotherapy (e.g., work with our team via phone/email to continue your ongoing care during at-home ketamine sessions).