Individual Online and in-person Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions

We are now providing individual KAP sessions online via Zoom and ketamine sessions are conducted at home with sublingual lozenges. Patients need a laptop and access to email to receive links to zoom sessions or can use FaceTime or Phone if agreed upon with a therapist. We provide prescriptions for sublingual lozenges through Koshland Pharmacy. Limited number of clinicians are providing in-person session with special safety accommodations.

For New Patients:

Treatment Intake Session

A comprehensive 90-minute medical and psychological intake is required for all new patients prior to starting KAP treatment. Cost of the Virtual Intake is $350, in-person Intake is $450.

Preparation Session 

All new patients are required to have a 50-minute preparation session before the first KAP session. Additional preparation sessions are provided as suggested for new. Fee for the virtual preparation session is $200, in-person preparation session is $250. 

Integrative Psychiatry Online Sessions

We offer comprehensive assessment and management services that include diagnosis, functional medicine approach and testing, education, assessment and a customized treatment plan using an integrative approach. Find out more information here. Initial Psychiatric Evaluation: 90 minutes $425, follow-up for medication management and integrative therapies: 30-45 minutes $250.

Online Non-Medicine Sessions for new and existing patients:

Individual Integration Session

For those who are seeking additional support around their KAP sessions, Polaris Insight Center providers offer 50-minute integration sessions to support the KAP process. Fee for the integration session is $250. 

We are offering three types of individual KAP sessions for existing patients: 

  1. KAP session
  2. Solo Session with Integration 
  3. Low-Dose Interpersonal Session

KAP online session

Higher-dose KAP session is 2 hours in duration. Fee for the virtual session is $600. Virtual 3 hour session is $900, in-person 3 hour session is $950.

Solo Session with Integration

Patients take the lozenge(s) on their own and then, in the latter part of the session, they connect with their provider, either through zoom or phone or FaceTime, for processing and integration work.  Fee for the session is $250. 

Low-dose Interpersonal Session

Patients take a smaller dose (half a lozenge or one full lozenge) and stay in an interactive process with the therapist the entire time over Zoom/Facetime/Phone, this session is 75 minutes in duration. Fee for the session is $360. 

Group Online Sessions

We are offering three types of group sessions: 

  1. Group KAP 
  2. Group Booster KAP Session
  3. Ketamine Integration Group

KAP Group Therapy 

Online sessions are being offered exclusively for those who are interested in undergoing KAP treatment in a group setting. Groups consist of 3 – 6 patients and meet for 6 experiential lozenge sessions, along with a 60-minute preparation session and a 60-minute integration session, and will run for approximately 1 month. The group will be facilitated by Dr. Eric Sienknecht and a nurse practitioner. A medical and psychological intake is required to determine candidacy for treatment. Cost is $2450. Please contact Dr. Sienknecht at with further questions. 

Online Booster Group

Booster Group is for current and past patients of Polaris Insight Center who are in the maintenance phase of treatment. We are also now offering our booster groups online in an at-home, lozenge format. Booster groups are offered every second Tuesday of the month from 5 PM to 8 PM. Fee for the virtual booster group is $350, in-person booster group is $650.

Ketamine Group Integration Sessions

We’re excited to announce ongoing virtual Ketamine Integration Circle on Mondays offered by our colleagues at Sage Institute.  You’re welcome to join weekly, or drop-in as needed. 

The intention of this peer-led group is to help you process and integrate your therapeutic ketamine experiences. Each week’s circle is held by two Sage clinicians with experience in psychedelic integration. It will include brief introductions, a grounding exercise, and space for you to share and receive reflections from the group about your experiences


Integration Circle

We co-host with Tam Integration online weekly integration circles that are open to the public for support around integrating psychedelic journeys. The integration circle is on Wednesdays from 6 PM to 8 PM. You can find more information here. Fee is by donation. 

Ayurvedic Sessions

One-on-one online consultation to evaluate your present state of health and explore your health history from an Ayurvedic perspective. Based on this assessment, you will receive guidance on how to integrate specific diet and lifestyle practices into your healthcare plan.  Each session lasts around 2.5 hours. Recommendations are individualized to your needs and may include: Nutrition, Botanical medicines, Mind-body practices, Physical activity, and Daily and seasonal routines. Information on these services can be found here. Please contact Serena at with any questions.

Virtual Sound Session:

Keep your vibrations high and your immunity strong!  This session aims to reduce stress, promote clarity, and induce relaxation. You will also learn simple tools that can be used to help you feel centered anywhere, anytime and any place.  Sound Healing can support people who struggle with: sleep disorders, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and pain management. To schedule contact your Polaris therapist or

Friends of Polaris Community Sound Sessions

This bi-weekly offered session invites you to open your voice within a virtual sound circle.  We will create a collective vibration of powerful frequencies from the comfort of our own home and use sound as a healing gateway to the exploration of consciousness. We recommend to bring a candle and something to light it with, as this will play a role as part of the ceremony. For more information and to register, click here. Sliding scale: $ 11 – $55.


Introductory Virtual Didactic Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy workshop

Cost: $300

This program is designed to provide interested physicians, psychologists, therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with a basic overview of principles and procedures of KAP and how we use ketamine in combination with psychotherapy in a clinical setting. 

Please email Eric Sienknecht – for application information and a payment link.

Consultation Services

We are currently offering Individual and Group consultation for Ketamine providers. Please inquire by emailing

Support Group for Medical Providers

We are currently offering KAP support group for medical and mental health providers. Please inquire by emailing


Working with sound can be a powerful tool when it comes to shifting energy and helping patients create new ways of processing information and establishing new patterns. In this experiential workshop, you will learn simple sound techniques that can enhance your current practice. 

This training will cover:

  • Unique and economical instruments and internet tools to use with clients
  • Inducing the relaxation response
  • Expressing emotions and removing blockages with sound 
  • Mantra/Japa meditation therapy 
  • Sound and the brain – what your client needs based on their current psychological state

Click here to register.